Arizona 2025 Initiative

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Meet Moises, a senior at North Canyon High School, who met Jesus at Lost Canyon last year. He recently started leading WyldLife at Mountain Trail Middle School, something for which Caleb and Luke, 7th grade students, are very thankful. Moises' Young Life leader is Jorge, whose leaders were Andre and Jordan. This geneaolgy of sorts shows the impact of one Young Life leader, a huge ripple effect into the lives of many students! The Arizona 2025 Initiative was born out of a desire to double the number of students impacted by Young Life Arizona, from 40,000 to 80,000, including adolescents from every corner of Arizona and every walk of life represented in our state: kids from urban neighborhoods and small towns, kids with special needs and teen moms, middle school, high school, and college-aged students, some who are leader-in-training.

We will:

  • Double the number of kids and volunteer leaders by 2025
  • Renew our focus on college-aged leader development, as they are making lifelong decisions about life and faith at this time in their lives
  • Double our non-Anglo staff and help to develop urban staff through sponsorship opportunities, sustainable funding, and unique training platforms to prepare for college graduation and staff preparation
  • Develop Young Life in every town in Arizona with a population of 8,000+, supporting volunteers and part-time staff with a training model that allows for distance leadership development
  • Equip, train, and support our adult Committee members for success as they support our staff and volunteers
  • Increase our focus on developing spiritual leaders through discipleship

By the numbers:

  • 1,500-3,000 volunteer leaders
  • 275 Young Life clubs
  • 80,000 adolescents impacted in Arizona
  • 10,000 kids attending Young Life camp
  • 25,000 adolescents hearing the Gospel every year
  • 4,000 adolescents in small group "Campaigners" Bible studies


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